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Student Code of Conduct

The Alamo Community Colleges District Student Code of Conduct, Policy F.4.2, applies to all students studying abroad prior to and during the execution of a program. Program participants not adhering to Policy F.4.2 in its entirety are subject to disciplinary action and possibly dismissal from the program.
While abroad, students are subject to the laws of the host country regarding minimum drinking age and drug use. Students who violate host country laws will be immediately dismissed from the program. Students who are found in possession of an illegal weapon as defined by Policy F.4.2 or by the laws of the host country will be subject to the disciplinary statutes of the Student Code of Conduct and any other applicable law. Upon review of the incident, students in possession of an illegal weapon may also face possible dismal from the program.
Texas state law shall always be adhered to regarding the possession and consumption of illegal substances, and no student shall possess, use, or be under the influence of any controlled substance as defined by law unless legally prescribed. Students in possession of, using, manufacturing, producing, selling, exchanging, or distributing illegal substances will face immediate disciplinary action regardless of the violation of the local laws of the host country.
Students who are dismissed from a study abroad program for academic or disciplinary reasons are immediately ineligible to participate in study abroad activities or utilize program provided housing. Individuals dismissed during a program will be responsible for all expenses incurred from the time of dismissal forward including, but not limited to, housing, in-country transportation, airfare, and meals. Students dismissed prior to the start of the program are responsible for all unrecoverable expenditures made on their behalf.

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