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Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Study Abroad will introduce you to delicious new foods you have never tried before. It may also present challenges - new spices and flavors - and throughout the developing world, and even in Europe, travelers may suffer from stomach and intestinal problems. Be careful with water and ice in particular.

If you are traveling to remote locations, bring water-purification tablets, chlorine, water filtration devices, and avoid unpasteurized dairy, raw meat, shellfish, and fruit with peels (such as grapes and berries). If you get diarrhea, contact a physician immediately.


Note that in many countries, these dietary restrictions are very uncommon. Reconsider these habits, especially if traveling in Africa and Asia, or be prepared for some challenges. We will help you with any dietary issues you may have if you call us at (210) 485-0084.

Food Allergies

It is mandatory that you inform the Office of International Programs of any food allergies prior to your departure. Carefully consider getting a Translation Card that describes your food allergies in the local language. Further information about traveling with food allergies is available at the International Food Allergy Alliance.