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How to Pack

What should you pack for your Study Abroad?

Each destination is unique with its own climate, culture, and context. However, remember to pack lightly and conservatively.  Students must bring any prescriptions or hygiene items used daily.  Remember that what is appropriate dress in Texas may not be acceptable in the destination country. The tendency of many Americans may also be to over-pack.  

Health and Safety Packing Tips
Rain 'poncho'                          
Insect repellent
Aspirin/aspirin-free products
Church/Temple clothes
Prescription Drugs
Daily Hygiene items
Plug/Socket Adapter (Electrical)
Money belt 
Small First Aid Kit - sunscreen, ibuprofen
Comfortable walking/hiking shoes

Prescription Drugs
Remember to bring the original prescription from your doctor.
Bring enough medication for the duration of your trip. (Do not plan to refill it abroad.)
Keep the prescription drugs in your carry-on luggage. 
If prescribed anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, or other psychotropic drugs, bring a letter from your physician acknowledging the prescription.More information about traveling safely with prescription drugs is available at the International Association for Medical Assistance for Travelers (IAMAT).

View general health and packing information on the Center for Disease Control & Prevention - Pack Smart.  

Do not bring any medications without the original prescription or carry any controlled substances (illegal drugs) overseas. Remember, travelers are subject to the laws of host countries,  and officials from the United States will not assist you for drug possession charges in any country. If you have questions about this, consult the Department of State about Arrest or Detention of U.S. Citizens Abroad. 

Dress Code Recommendations

Whether going to Italy or China, remember to bring clothes that are appropriate for visiting temples, churches, and museums.

It is inappropriate to wear sandals, shorts, or sleeveless shirts into places of religious worship or certain national landmarks. Bring at least one pair of clothes that is appropriate for these important sites. The pre-Departure Orientations will provide further details about culturally appropriate dress for specific destinations.
Electronics & Communication

How will you charge your smart phone when you land abroad?  You will need an electrical plug adapter for almost every other country in the world. Visit the International Electro technical Commission for an interactive map to determine which type of socket is used in your destination country. Remember, your phone service will not work overseas.  You are required to contact your phone carrier for an international calling/data plan.  We recommend to also have a plan to communicate with your family.   

Luggage Tag & Lock

Ensure your checked luggage has a tag with your email, phone number, and home address, in addition to TSA Recognized Locks. While it is important to lock your luggage, remember that you should not bring anything you cannot afford to lose, including expensive, irreplaceable, or sentimental items. Be careful not to bring any prohibited items. Review the list of prohibited items available at TSA - "What Can I Bring."