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Summer Momentum Plan

The Alamo Community Colleges District offers students a Summer Momentum Plan that saves eligible students time and money. This plan allows students who earn 18-24 credit hours in the Fall and Spring semesters at any of the five colleges at the Alamo Community Colleges District to receive three to six free credit hours in the Summer Semester.
The Summer Momentum Plan enables more students to achieve the life-long benefits of college with less financial stress. Students can earn their degree in less time while saving money and using their financial aid awards more effectively. This can include using financial aid and refunds to fund a rewarding Study Abroad experience. Check out more details here

Students who earn a total of 18-23 credit hours, at any of the five colleges within the Alamo Community Colleges District, in the Fall and Spring semester, receive up to six free academic credit hours in the summer, at a yearly tuition savings of $516, allowing them to complete their degree in three years. Out-of-district students can save even more. The free summer credit hours must be taken at any of the five colleges, in the Alamo Community Colleges District, in the summer semester immediately following the qualifying fall and spring semesters. Alamo Community Colleges earned credit hours (Credit Courses with a grade of "C" or better) count toward the Summer Momentum Plan's free hours. Students are encouraged to take classes within their degree plans.