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Crime/Local Lawas

All study abroad participants must obey the local laws of the country they visit.  Crime can occur anywhere, but as a foreign visitor, you may be particularly vulnerable.    Remember, the laws abroad are different from the United States, being a U.S. citizen may not help you resolve legal issues in other countries.  We recommend avoiding situations that may put you at risk.  Always be sure to be conscious of what is happening around you at all times.

Be careful not to take photographs of security-related or government institutions, such as officials or buildings, including airports.  Do not use drugs abroad.  If you have illegal items, including drugs in your baggage, be aware that you will be charged, and detained. Do not accept items from anyone to transport. 

Students should refrain from alcohol, however, if consumed; they should remain responsible for their actions at all times. Irresponsible drinking leads to behavior that interferes with the study abroad program. Check with the Office of International Programs if you have a medication that may be a Controlled Substance in other countries, including antidepressants, psychotropic drugs and anti-anxiety medications. It is best to be safe and let your Study Abroad Office know of any medications that

  • The U.S. Constitution or U.S. legal system while overseas does not protect you.  You are subject to the local laws.  
  • Ask to contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate if you are arrested or detained  
  • Stay calm and be respectful of host country police and officials