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karolineMy summer abroad experience was a lot easier with the help from the International program coordinators; they gave me plenty of help and resources before, during, and after my trip! Not just with a basic outline of what to expect, but they also gave me (and other students going abroad) a walkthrough on what various things we'll be able to use for our benefits including services to ease any homesickness/unexpected problems that could come up. While everyone's experience will be different, the coordinators provided us a good foundation to build upon and to rely on. - Karoline

My experience with the study abroad program through the Alamo colleges was marvelous. I did the study abroad program at Spain during the Summer of 2019. It was a very unique experience since I was submerged into a completely different culture of mine. I was in a different time zone, weather, environment, and lifestyle. I really enjoyed feeling a part of Spain’s culture since they live more organically. For their foods they typically only use fresh seasonal products and avoid canned and processed foods. They also walk everywhere! Although some people have cars, they are mostly used to travel long distances. In Spain they also have a “siesta” time which is from 2:00 pm to about 4:00 pm where everybody goes home to take a nap and rest. Most of the businesses close to allow their employees to go have lunch and take a break to relax. Their days end very late which makes up for the siesta time. They don’t have dinner until about 8 or 9 in the afternoon. I was able to stay with a host family while studying abroad which allowed me to incorporate more easily. I would stay after our meals in the dining table to have conversations with my host mom. Her stories were very interesting since she would tell me about her youth years and how she met her husband. We built a really good relationship, which made me feel like I was home. Although I was only in Spain for about 3 weeks, I really believe I learned how to be independent and responsible. I had to walk everywhere and had to communicate with others around me that I did not know. Being abroad really changes your perspective of life, since you discover that not everything is just ordinary black and white. Not only do ordinary cheeseburger with fries, pizzas and tacos exist but also paellas, croquettes, gelatos and tortillas española’s exist. -Natalie

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