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After You Return

Once you return from Study Abroad, you may experience cultural readjustment. Returning home with new lenses through which you see the world, you may be more
open-minded and notice a greater understanding of the differences between cultures. 

Meet with your Study Abroad Coordinator after your return to find ways how you may be able to share your study abroad experience. 
Some ideas are as follows:

Join the Office of International Programs Study Abroad Ambassador program. 
Help plan International Education Week
Share a presentation about your experience at New Student Orientations or one of your classes or an innovative social media approach.
Submit your pictures to the Study Abroad Photo Contest

Reverse Culture Shock
What is Reverse Culture Shock?  Students may feel the emotional and psychological distress upon returning home.  Students may find themselves having difficulties readjusting to the culture and values of the home country. 
Tips for Managing Reverse Culture Shock
Understand and accept you’re a different person
Connect with fellow study abroad alumni -
Keep your memories alive – start your own blog
Give back and encourage others to Study Abroad – Become and Ambassador