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Before You Leave

Each student participating in Study Abroad must attend a Mandatory Risk Management Orientation and a minimum of three Country Program Orientations, there are no exceptions!  Attending these orientations will prepare students for a safe study abroad experience. 

Your Last Week Before Study Abroad To-Do List
  • Have your emergency contact information ready - Study Abroad Staff Emergency Contact, US Embassy, US Consulate and Faculty Leader Contact
  • Have a valid passport before your departure date
  • Passports must be valid six months or longer from the return date
  • Review your flight information
  • Make copies of your passport and health insurance
  • Notify your bank and credit card banks of travel dates and travel locations
  • Get some cash for emergencies, meals and personal items
  • Pack light
  • Get your carry-on ready
  • Charge your electronics the night before departure

Bon voyage!