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Students may select one of many programs that are available, such as Faculty-Led, Exchange, or Affiliate Program. Programs may be two weeks up to a year-long. All programs are academic programs; students will receive academic credit upon successful completion of courses taken while abroad.  

The best study abroad program is the one that works with your career goals and academic schedule and that provides you academic credit which can be applied toward your degree plan. 
Study abroad programs are open to any Alamo Community Colleges District students who desires to participate. Any student applying for a study abroad program must:
  • Be enrolled in an Alamo Community Colleges District degree program at the time of application
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 for faculty led programs or 2.5 for Direct Exchange or Affiliate programs
  • Have completed at least 12 academic credit hours before the intended departure date
  • Meet the academic requirements and prerequisites of the course(s) for which the student plans to enroll while abroad
  • Provide one Faculty Recommendation for Faculty-Led programs and three (two faculty and one personal) recommendation                          letters for Exchange and Affiliate programs 
  • Provide a completed and approved Disciplinary Verification form from home college 
  • Be 18 years or older by the time of travel to participate in any study abroad program
  • A passport is required to travel abroad but, not required to apply. You may find additional passport information at                                    ​ 
All application requirements must be met and maintained throughout the application process and prior to departure. Failure to meet or maintain the application requirements may result in an unapproved or rescinded application approval.  Individuals who do not meet the application requirements will not be permitted to participate in a study abroad program. Students who are denied admission to a program may appeal the application decision in writing within two weeks of denial notification. Appeals should be submitted directly to the Office of International Programs.

All students under the age of 18 years old prior to travel dates, who meet all other requirements and wish to study abroad, will be reviewed independently on a case-by-case basis by the Legal and Enterprise Risk Management Departments.  

Faculty-led programs are short term, group-based programs that are led by Alamo Community Colleges District faculty members.  Students pay regular tuition and fees in addition to a study abroad program fee, which includes the application fee, airfare, lodging, entrance fees, in-country transportation, some meals, and mandatory insurance costs. Students participating in faculty-led programs receive academic credit for courses taken while traveling abroad with the Alamo Community Colleges District. 

Exchange Programs
Exchange Programs allow students from the Alamo Community Colleges to study at one of our partner international universities.  As an exchange student, you will attend classes with students from the host country while receiving Alamo College District academic credit. Some partner universities offer a selection of courses that are taught in English and are designed specifically for foreign students. Students participating in exchange programs pay regular Alamo Community Colleges District tuition and fees and are responsible for the program application fee, mandatory insurance costs, meals, transportation, and lodging in the host country.

Check back for program availability.   

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs have official agreements with the Alamo Community Colleges to provide automatic transfer credit for all courses completed at the partner institution.  Students participating in an affiliate program do not pay Alamo Community Colleges District tuition. Instead, students pay a comprehensive fee for participation in the program. This fee typically includes a program fee or tuition for the host institution, lodging, and meals. Program participants may take courses with students from the host country or with other American and international students. Review the details of each program carefully to choose the Affiliate Program that is best for you. Students participating in Affiliate programs are required to pay the study abroad application fee and mandatory insurance. 

Check back for program availability.